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Anybody tried a penis pump?

      • Participant
        eric on #140

        It doesn’t seem to work for me.  I can get hard, but it doesn’t last.

      • Keymaster
        Robert Nicholson on #141

        Penis pumps work for some men, but they have a very low rate of patient satisfaction.

        They are often used for therapeutic purposes, to increase blood flow into the penis.  Also, many doctors recommend that patients use a pump for a month prior to implant surgery, to stretch the tissues.

        For more information, see:


      • Participant
        kenneth on #143

        I was able to get hard using the pump, but it never lasted long, even with the “constriction ring.”

        Also, I found it very uncomfortable and non-spontaneous.

      • Participant
        polish_bear_65 on #144

        Does it work for men over 50?

      • Participant
        kenneth on #147

        [quote quote=144]Does it work for men over 50?[/quote]

        It’s not a matter of age.  It’s about the cause of your ED, and how severe it is.  It didn’t work well for me, but other guys swear by it.  You might ask your doctor what he thinks.  Or maybe just give it a try.  The manual versions are not too expensive.

      • Participant
        bppumps on #158

        Yes, penis pumps work for some men. Some are even happy and satisfied with the before and after results. You can check over here to make sure that you are using it correctly. Cheers!

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