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HAs anyone used LI-ESWT devices for ED?

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        kmk1953 on #174

        Has anyone tried the Rocket of BMPotent?  They are Low Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (LI-ESWT) devices? What were the results?  Did you sensitivity come back

        Has anyone had LI-ESWT at a clinic?  What were the results? Did you sensitivity come back



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        Robert Nicholson on #186

        I have spoken to one of the founders of Rocket.  It sounds like they have matched the specs of high-end commercial machines, so it should deliver the same results. The difference is that it’s not nearly as durable; it’s made for a course of treatment for one person, rather than the commercial units, which must deliver thousands of treatment cycles.

        Here’s a link to our review:

        There is a good body of clinical research indicating that LI-ESWT treatments in a clinical setting can be effective for ED.  It’s too early to tell whether home units like The Rocket will be as effective.


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