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I am scared ti innitiate sex with my girlfriend becauae she is disappointe

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        vegita082 on #509
        1. I m having problems having sex with the woman I love and now im honestly scared to try because im scared I m just going to keep disappointing her its bad enough she has told me I m small so now its not just that issue nw I cant get hard and its not fair to her what should I do
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        Robert Nicholson on #537

        ED can have a serious impact on relationships.

        I think it’s important for you to talk with your girlfriend about the issue.

        Make it clear that you are going to get help, then follow through and talk to a doctor to be sure there aren’t any physical problems.

        Getting past psychological issues can be tough.  If you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out to a sex coach or counselor.

        In the mean time, here are some resources that may help:  Emotional Help for ED

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